Release Notes

August 2022

  • Vault Marketplace where Collectors can list NFTs,for sale to the Vault community.

  • 2022 Presidential Collection Drop

Other improvements include:

  • Top navigation improvements.

  • Experience updates to My profile drop down

  • Add a high level description to all pages.

  • See marketplace sales in the Activity Feed

  • Add address collection for infinite object orders (don't forget to complete this part!).

  • Brand update to My Collections detail page.

  • Bug fix when there are no bids

July 20th, 2022

Introducing Vault Collections

As Vault has expanded into new types of NFTs, we wanted to better organize them to help collectors navigate the gallery and understand how each drop fits into the project. Here's a brief description of each:

Archival Collections

  • Turning Points: CNN's historic coverage of pivotal moments in history (7 NFTs and counting)

  • Presidential Elections: CNN calling the outcomes of US presidential elections (8 NFTs from 4 elections, and counting)

  • CNN Milestones: Pivotal moments in CNN's company history (2 NFTs and counting)

  • Hubble Retrospective: CNN's coverage of the Hubble telescope launch featuring some of Hubble's most amazing imagery (15 NFTs)

  • 2021 Stories of the Year: Staff picks of some of the top articles throughout the year (10 NFTs)

Art Collections

  • Tech Origins: Depictions of the historic inventions and discoveries of the technology we love (4 NFTs)

  • Berlin Wall Retrospective: An artistic look back at the fall of the Berlin Wall (5 NFTs)

  • An Artist's Muse: Artistic reflections on the big stories of our time, in collaboration with Emergeast and Muhcine Ennou (2 NFTs and counting)

  • Paradise: Artistic reflections on beauty and idealism, in collaboration with African NFT Community and Zida Kalu (1 NFT)

  • Photography for Change: Photos that sparked action on human issues around the world, in collaboration with Taro Yamasaki (7 NFTs and counting)

  • War Notes: Portraits and interviews with people affected by the War in Ukraine, in collaboration with Cheney Orr and Superchief Gallery (51 NFTs)

Community Items

  • Coins: Special status NFTs that are earned by participation and loyalty within the Vault ecosystem (2 NFTs and counting)

  • Keys: Special NFTs that unlock mystery bonus content and upgrades within the Vault ecosystem (1 NFT and counting)

Additional Changes

  • New look and styling on the My Moments page to better view your collection.

  • We've consolidated the FAQ into the documentation section. Collectors can now find this and updated FAQ info in the Documentation link in the top navigation. We would also love feedback on other commonly asked questions we haven't covered, or would be helpful to know!

  • Expose bid history column in NFT details.

  • Homepage updates to newsletter CTA and Explore Gallery CTA.

  • Overhaul button UI/UX - added hover and active button states to all buttons.

  • Rename "Groups" filter to "Collections".

  • Open Documentation in a new tab.

  • Adjust mobile breakpoint for the navigation menu.

What's Next

In the coming month, we'll be rolling out a new set of features to allow collectors to list their NFTs on Vault's Secondary Market!

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