What is Vault by CNN?

Vault is a new NFT project by CNN to spark conversations about the world events we experience together through the intersection of art, history, journalism, technology, and communities.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique, individually-numbered digital object (such as an image or video) that you own and can bring with you to a variety of apps and experiences. The NFT’s ownership is authenticated and verified by the blockchain. This means that while copies of the item can multiply on the internet, the objects that you purchase through Vault are verified by a certificate of authenticity. Like physical objects, you can buy, sell and trade them. Read more about it on CNN Business.

What is a Moment?

Moments are what we call the NFTs in the Vault collection. They live on the Flow Blockchain and typically feature iconic media or new perspectives about a moment in history.

What kind of Moments are Available?

A Moment is an historic presidential election. A triumphant space flight. A euphoric moment of long-awaited freedom. These are just a few Moments from CNN’s history. CNN releases a series of drops around different themes. These drops include a variety of digital content. If you have an idea for the next drop, Let us know.

Why is CNN Doing This?

CNN strives to inform, engage and empower the world with news and information. We are interested in new ways of experiencing the events that shape our lives, and Vault is a chance to invite our audience to experiment and learn together.

What Does It Mean to Own a Moment from CNN?

Moments are released on the Vault website. CNN retains commercial rights over the content, but the NFT owner owns the unique token they bought - just like buying a traditional poster or movie or record.

You can view your collection and share it with others from the My Moments section on vault.cnn.com. We are working on more ways of using your Moments across other CNN products.

Moments are also compatible with a number of 3rd party apps in the Flow ecosystem including Blocto Wallet, Blocto Bay Marketplace, viv3 Marketplace, Rare Rooms, and more. They are yours to admire, use, transfer, or sell.

How Will Money Be Handled?

Purchasing NFTs on Vault is done through Dapper Wallet. Purchases can be made using using credit card or crypto currency such as ETH, BTC and more. Don't have a Dapper Wallet? No worries. You'll be able to create a Dapper wallet through Vault. We guide you through that process during checkout.

How Will I Receive My Moments?

Moments are digital collectible NFTs that will be automatically transferred to you within a few minutes of purchase. They exist in your Dapper Wallet, and you can access them from many apps like the Vault website, Rare Rooms, and Instagram. In some cases, we offer a physical frame that can access and display your Moments, but this is not the NFT itself and unless otherwise noted in the product description, you will not receive any physical product.

How is CNN Being Environmentally Concious With This New Venture?

There has been a lot of analysis of energy usage from NFTs. The energy usage comes from the blockchain platform that the NFT uses, and there are many different blockchains with different characteristics. CNN’s NFTs are on a newer, energy-conscious blockchain called Flow, which consumes 99% less energy than other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other blockchains are beginning to transition to the same technology that Flow uses, and we hope that soon all NFTs will be as environmentally conscious as ours are.

How Do I Sell My Moments?

Vault Moments can be sold in the Vault Marketplace or several 3rd party marketplaces that support Flow NFTs.

Can I Purchase Previous CNN Moments?

Many Moments are available only during a limited time drop. If you missed one that you like, you can purchase from the Vault Marketplace.

Have More Questions?

Please reach out any time by contacting Vault community support.

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