2022 Roadmap

The Vault team has a number of improvements planned for our NFT offerings and platform to further our mission of celebrating unique perspectives and fostering meaningful discussion about important world events.

In the coming months, we will simplify the user experience to make it easy to collect, enjoy, and experience Vault NFTs and create more value for collectors. Our 2022 roadmap builds the foundation of an exclusive platform where artists, journalists, and collectors can share their own stories and perspectives about what's happening in the world around us.

Q2 2022: 🟢 Vault Series Architecture & Display redesign 🟢 Improved Drop & Gallery UX 🟢 “Photography for Change” Series with Pulitzer-winning photojournalists 🟢 Collectors-only article series exploring world events through art 🟢 Exclusive artist partner perks for Purveyor of the Arts Coin holders 🟢 Migration to Dapper Wallet & opening to international sales 🟢 First NFT gallery event

Q3-Q4 2022: 🟢 Native secondary marketplace 🟢 Complete website refresh 🟠 Gated content hub 🟠 Infinite Objects partnership for official physical frames of any Vault NFT 🟠 Collectors only discussions ⚪️ Virtual gallery experience ⚪️ Exclusive events for Vault collectors ⚪️ Exclusive CNN perks for Vault collectors ⚪️ Mint your own CNN article NFT

2023: 🌎

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