When a new Vault NFT is released, it's called a Drop. Vault Drops are available with a limited quantity for a limited time, first come first serve.

If you missed a past drop, you can check out the Vault Marketplace, where Vault collectors may list the NFTs they own for sale to other collectors like you.

The Vault Marketplace tends to have the most active listings and users, but because NFTs belong to each collector and are interoperable with other apps, you may also want to check out the listings on several 3rd party marketplaces:

Please note these are separate products maintained by outside teams and CNN has no formal relationship with them. Some of them may require a different wallet provider called Blocto. If you choose, you can create a Blocto Wallet and transfer your Vault NFTs from your Dapper Wallet to your Blocto Wallet to use these apps. NFTs in your Blocto Wallet will not be visible on the Vault website or Vault Marketplace, but you can always transfer them back to your Dapper Wallet.

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